Classic Car Gallery

Classic Car Gallery

Our world class collection is one of the largest private collections in Australasia.

About the Collection

A hundred years ago, cars were rare, expensive and slow. Some people doubted they would ever become a major mode of transport. Today we live in a world dominated – some would say ruled – by the car. In surveying this collection the evolution of the car can be seen; reflecting the changing times, trends, technology, and events. The exhibition is an eclectic mix - highlighting the art of motoring.

These cars are some of the most sought after models in Classic Motoring, presented to the highest standard, with some having undergone extensive restoration. As well as being classic examples of automotive technology, these cars tell an important story about the twentieth century. They represent the spectrum of automotive history, design and craftsmanship.

This private collector's commitment to preserve these vehicles, & the efforts of the restoration team is evident in this world class exhibit.