Community of Woodinville

Community of Woodinville


The community of Woodinville had its start in 1871 when Ira and Susan Woodin rowed up the Sammamish River from Seattle to homestead at a bend in the river.

The Woodin family was followed by six other homesteaders who created the village. These six homesteaders were comprised of the Caulkins, Anderson, Peterson, Neilsen, Jacobsen and Jaderholm families.

The community became more accessible when the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway extended its line around Lake Washington around Seattle to serve the surrounding communities. Trains replaced the cargo and passenger boats that once transported people and supplies.

The major industry at that time was logging. Numerous sawmills and shingle mills dotted the landscape.

In the early 1900s a rough "road" ran eastward from Woodinville to Duvall with a stage coach operating between the towns. This road was pave through Woodinville in 1931.

Today the village has blossomed into a city of nearly 15,000 residents, nationally known horticulture retailer, Molbaks and a flourishing wine destination community.