Wellington Waterfront

Wellington Waterfront

A Waterfront Renaissance: The modern development of Wellington's waterfront.

Waterfront History

In December 1986, following much public consultation, Wellington Harbour Board and Wellington City Council signed up to a concept plan for the development of Wellington's inner harbour. The following year an Empowering Act was passed enabling the Lambton Harbour Development to proceed.

Wellington Waterfront Ltd (originally Lambton Harbour Management Ltd) was incorporated in September 1987 and, in partnership with others, has worked steadily ever since to bring about the waterfront as we know it today.

Over this period, what was once fast becoming an industrial wasteland has been transformed into a vital, vibrant and exciting place that now houses 66 separate businesses; four outstanding arts and cultural institutions, 152 apartments, and the finest of restaurants, bars and cafes.

The waterfront has seen the refurbishment and re-use of heritage buildings, hosts on average more than 300 events per year and is visited by some 77% of Wellingtonians at least once a month and 41% weekly.


Near 3 Queens Wharf, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand