Stop 08: Schoolhouse Marker

Stop 08: Schoolhouse Marker

Site of Tacoma's First School

This plaque marks the location of Tacoma's first public school built in 1869. The school was a one-room log structure, built at a cost of $300 dollars. There were 13 pupils in the first student body.

In 1875, the school mysteriously burned down.

No one was hurt in the fire. The teacher, Mr. John Hipkins, relocated the school in the upper rooms of a building on the corner of 30th & Starr.

What do you think?

How would attending school in a little log cabin be different than today's education experience? Would you like to attend a school with no computers, libraries, or even a playground?


North 28th Street & North Starr Street
WA 98403

Also nearby...

Just up the hill at 2511 North Starr Street was the location of Tacoma's first hospital. Fannie Paddock Memorial Hospital opened in 1882 and was later relocated to the present site of Tacoma General Hospital.

Funds used to establish the first hospital (in an abandoned dance hall) were raised by the wife of the first Episcopal Bishop of Washington Territory. She died before the family arrived here, so her husband made sure the hospital was completed and dedicated to her. Bishop Paddock also raised the funds necessary for the new building at 315 South K St.

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Cross Starr Street and continue walking on North 28th to McCarver Street, where you'll see another stone marker on the corner.