Anne Belov

Anne Belov

About the Artwork

Arrangement in Black, White, and Gray, Oil on Board

Arrangement in Black, White, and Gray is my imagining of what James McNeil Whistler might have painted if a panda posed for his famous painting. This painting, along with 9 other panda-cized forgeries play a pivotal role in my work in progress, a graphic detective novel, starring pandas.

About the Artist

I came to illustration by way of fine art. As my paintings became more narrative in nature, I discovered that I love telling stories, and eventually started telling stories with words and pictures in my cartoons, The Panda Chronicles. I then wrote/drew a wordless picture book, Pandamorphosis, in which a cat turns into a panda on one magic moonlit night. I am working on a graphic novel, starring pandas, which gives me the perfect excuse to watch many panda videos.

These illustrations are working art samples for my upcoming middle grade graphic novel, The Pandyland Mysteries: the Case of the Picturesque Panda. In this classic detective caper, Inspector Panda and his clever young assistant Wu, attempt to find a missing Impressionist painting. Working from the premise that if Japanese prints and Chinese porcelain arrived in Paris in the late 1800's, pandas must also have visited France too. Perhaps they modeled for the painters of the day and became celebrated models and socialites. The illustrations for the book include copies of well known impressionist era paintings with the original panda models. Okay. it COULD have happened that way.

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