Milagros Welt

Milagros Welt

About the Artwork


This work was submitted as part of a monthly contest organized by SCBWI. The contest theme was "Muse." I thought about my muse and many ideas came to mind. Mostly I thought about adults – not so much one particular person but the values that such a "muse" would embody. I began to wonder: What inspires a child? Who are her muses? Characteristics far more numerous than any nine goddesses came to mind – I picked four based on a character I had already created named Beatrice. The drawing was born. I wanted Beatrice looking at images of her muses in a museum setting. I realized that these muses had to be part of her, so I created each as a different version of her persona. Beatrice is looking at her muses and seeing herself. Isn't that what inspiration is all about?

Creating and illustrating kids' stories means a lot to me. English is my second language, but through these drawings I can communicate feelings and ideas without using words. I believe children learn through images long before they start to read. Each child interprets the story in his or her own way. The magic that happens between the artist and the reader inspires me.

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