Yoyo Dunnett

Yoyo Dunnett

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Stinky's Sock, Digital

Serenade, Digital

Stinky's Sock

Sometimes we miss the big picture and worry about small stuff. Just wash your worries away with tomato juice!


When I heard the monkey howls at Woodland Park Zoo, it was strangely very pleasant to my ears. Even if you don't understand the lyric, the voice can still reach your heart.

From the Artist

Growing up in the busy city of Tokyo, I have always enjoyed people watching. Then I moved to Seattle, a city surrounded by beautiful nature, and now I enjoy animal watching as well as people watching. The best part is when I discover similar characters or scenes in both. It may sound like nonsense that I recognize someone I know in a little squirrel, or vice versa, but it inspires me that we are all silly (and lovely ❤️) creatures. I like quirky humor that makes me grin rather than the obvious one. I hope I can get a little chuckle out of people with my artwork.

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