Dana Arnim

Dana Arnim

The Fisherman, 2012 Watercolor and ink

About the Artwork

The beetles and slugs smaller yet, 2015, Watercolor and ink

You're black and you're sleek, but you lack a bright beak, 2015, Watercolor and ink

From the Artist

When the Washington State Convention Center first hosted a show of work by children's illustrators, a local editor saw my image and kept it in her mind. That led directly to the opportunity to illustrate Thor Hanson's Bartholomew Quill, a Crow's Quest to Know Who's Who. I have chosen a spread from that book to display in this year's show. The image was created in ink and watercolor and illustrates Bartholomew's quest to find out what kind of creature he is by comparing himself to countless others.

More about Dana

Dana Arnim illustrates and writes, designs websites, and loves reading, watching movies, her family, gardening, beach walks, her fair city - Seattle, and her SCBWI tribe. IN addition to her illustrations for Thor Hanson's Bartholomew Quill, a Crow's Quest to Know Who's Who, her work can be seen in The Terrible Tenor, by Bev Parnell, on the iPad app Farfaria, and on her website. Dana (D1) is Co-Regional Advisor of SCBWI Western Washington, along with Dana Sullivan (D2).

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