Liz Wong

Liz Wong

About the Artwork

He Missed His Friends, Pencil, Watercolor and Gouache

Books, Pencil, Watercolor and Gouache

He Missed His Friends is from my debut picture book, Quackers, about a cat who thinks he's a duck. Since it's a book for younger readers, I chose to make the art cuter and softer than my typical illustration work, and the characters are mostly composed of simple shapes. The artwork for Books came about because I wanted to draw the glimpse of a little seaside town that is visible through the arch and had to come up with the rest of the piece to go along with it. I included some of my favorite things in this illustration: an air of mystery, a little European-style town, cats, and books. I put a pair of underwear in there, since kids think underwear is hilarious.

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