Jeff James

Jeff James

About the Artwork

The Tree (pencil and digital)

About the Artist

Jeff James began his career in the graphic arts producing illustrations for award winning package designs and various retail exhibits before turning his attention toward publishing. Primarily a self-taught illustrator, he received assignments for children's theater posters and set paintings that earned him recognition in 2009 from the Society of Illustrators. His related works include cover illustrations for The Tale of Euan Redcap by David Turnbull and the Anatolia Steppe series by Melissa Mahle and Kathryn Dennis. His recent accolades include a merit award from HOW Magazine in 2015. He lives in Seattle with his wife and their daughter.

Artist Statement

My ultimate goal in creating visual narratives is to take the viewer somewhere unexpected. It's not enough for me to just make a pretty picture, I have to continually push my limits and invest myself in the scene and the characters in it. I think the more real they can actually feel to me, the closer I am to conveying to someone else a particular scene or a specific moment in it.

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