Jennifer Frohwerk

Jennifer Frohwerk

About the Artwork

Use Your Noodle, Doodle!, watercolor, ink and gouache on paper

Use Your Noodle, Doodle! is a published illustration for front cover of Use Your Noodle, Doodle! picture book by author Sheri Page. Even a good dog can have a bad day.

What happens when Grandma comes to visit and an overenthusiastic goldendoodle dog, with his bouncing and pouncing ways, turns her world upside down? With playful rhyme and beautiful, sensitive illustrations, Use Your Noodle, Doodle! takes readers on a journey from mishap to celebration, with many life lessons for the entire family.

Thinking back to my childhood, I remember my little curiosities and my big wonder about the world. I remember the classic books that were read to me, like The Velveteen Rabbit, with pictures that held so many feelings and abstract ideas to ponder. How powerful these illustrations were, imprinted on my memory through creative storytelling! As the psychologist and author Rollo May says on creating those moments of insight in life, "The world becomes vivid and unforgettable." I love taking on the role of illustrator today, creating visual narratives with emotional content for smart young readers to learn about their world. I illustrated Use Your Noodle, Doodle! by Sheri Page in 2013 and The Rainbow Tiger by Gayle Nordholm in 2001.