Tracy Walschlaeger

Tracy Walschlaeger

About the Artwork

Sleeping Ginger, Oil on Canvas

Sleeping Ginger is an illustration from my book, "Ginger the Little Dog Who Wanted to be Big". The illustration was created in oil on canvas and is 16" x 20". The story is about family, respect for wildlife and appreciating what you have.

I would describe my work as 'immature' young adult. I like to work in a variety of mediums. My style may appear to be different depending on the tools I use, but I still see myself in my work whether I use paint, pencil or pen. I like the vibrant colors I can get from using oil and the soft details when I use graphite or colored pencil. I recently have been experimenting with mixed media which seems to be a nice way to blend all of my worlds. I want my images to speak to the viewer, to

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