Redmond Central Connector

Redmond Central Connector


Redmond secured four miles of the Eastside Rail Corridorand adjacent properties in 2010 as part of a regional partnership to develop a regional trail system and provide access for regional utilities and light rail. This corridor, the Redmond Central Connector, is the artery of the City that links Sammamish, Redmond, and Kirkland and knits together Redmond Town Center, historic Downtown, Grass Lawn neighborhood, and Willows business district. The Connector will revitalize 30 acres of prime real estate in Redmond and draw new commercial, retail, and office activity, and hundreds of thousands of new visitors to Redmond.

This new regional trail will also provide safety enhancements to pedestrians traveling in Downtown and along Willows Road. In addition, it will provide an alternate route to the Sammamish River Trail, which is heavily used in Redmond, for people to use for recreation or transportation.


Redmond Central Connector
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