Reclining Woman

Reclining Woman

Abstract bronze sculpture on a steel pedestal.

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Did You Know?

The abstract figure statue, titled Reclining Woman, was created by Gizel Berman and donated to the City by Gian-Emilio Chatrian, who lived on the Island for over 30 years. Gizel Berman was a long-time island resident and a well-known artist. A survivor of the Nazi death camps of World War II, Berman became a Mercer Island sculptor whose works demanded that everyone remember that terrible time so it wouldn't happen again. It was here, in the Northwest, Gizel Berman discovered her art.


Gizel Berman




1983 | Installed in 2002

Connected Stories

– Her most famous piece on Mercer Island is the Holocaust Memorial in the courtyard of the Jewish Community Center
– She also is the artist Fire Flower that is located at the Farmer's Insurance Building on Mercer Island.
– A smaller replica of the Berman Holocaust Memorial is in the art collection maintained by Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Authority in Jerusalem.

Where Is It?

The piece is installed in Mercerdale Park next to the Pergola.


Mercerdale Park