4 (Where shall I go ahead?), 2001

4 (Where shall I go ahead?), 2001

Bill Will's artwork includes a grid of 23 granite cubes arranged evenly in the open space of Union Station Square.


Union Station Square
3rd Avenue South & South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

About the Artwork

The intersection of South Jackson Street and Third Avenue South creates a triangular open space for the 23 evenly-arranged granite cubes that make up Bill Will's piece 4 (Where shall I go ahead?). The artwork's unusual title is based on Morse Code, using the number four as a time-saving abbreviation for the question in parentheses. The question is aptly posed amid the many transportation options available nearby. Inscribed with a series of images and texts that refer to the history of the railroad and the surrounding neighborhood, the cubes form an appropriate place to take in the hustle and bustle of pedestrians and traffic around the historic Union Station or simply serve as a convenient place to rest while waiting for the bus.


Funded by Seattle City Light 1% for Art funds.

Photo Credits

Courtesy of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

From the Artist

“People waiting for the bus or just resting on their way through this important pedestrian corridor can choose to sit in a variety of locations or meander through the site. The organization of paving and granite cubes creates a combination of pathways for pedestrians and interesting visual alignments for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The various possibilities of habitation and of movements in this area become a component of the artwork."