Pioneer Square Public Art Tour

Pioneer Square Public Art Tour

Adjacent to the working waterfront, Pioneer Square is rich with historic architecture, Seattle history and art in public places.

About the Tour

A Seattle Public Art Tour

This tour will guide you through a total of 13 different locations, all in Pioneer Square. The pieces are divided into two legs for your convenience:

Leg One will take you in a loop through the historic section of Pioneer Square, beginning at 1st Avenue & Yesler Way, northeast to 4th Avenue South, and back down to Prefontaine Place South & Yesler Way.

Leg Two will take you in another loop from 3rd Avenue & Jefferson Street, northeast to 5th Avenue & Jefferson Street, then back down to 4th Avenue & James Street.

The total walking time varies depending on how engaged you become with everything thatʼs available to experience in Pioneer Square, but on average, it will take you about 45 minutes to complete each leg of the tour.

Please note there is a fairly significant elevation gain between 1st Avenue South and 5th Avenue South, but wherever possible, elevators are available for use.


About Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square marks Seattle's original downtown, dating back to 1852. The district is characterized by late nineteenth century brick and stone buildings, and one of the nation's best surviving collections of Romanesque Revival style urban architecture.

Pioneer Square is home to art galleries, internet companies, cafes, sports bars, nightclubs, bookstores, the Seattle Underground Tour, and a museum and info center for the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.


Pioneer Square,
Seattle, WA, USA