Overseas Passenger Terminal

Overseas Passenger Terminal

The transformation of this building into 76 apartments with a car park for residents beneath, sees it retake its historic name of Clyde Quay Wharf.


At ground level is a mix of restaurants, retail uses, space for marina services and other public activities.

The design brief for developers required that they adhere to the guiding Wellington Waterfront Framework, which acknowledges the heritage value of the Terminal. Following much interest from within New Zealand and overseas, the proposal by Willis Bond & Co was accepted.


The original Clyde Quay Wharf was built on concrete piles in 1910. The wharf was widened in 1962 and extended and widened again in 1964 when the Overseas Passenger Terminal was being constructed.

The Terminal was to the the 'Gateway to New Zealand', built as part of Wellington Harbour Board's 'modernisation programme... to meet the need for an anticipated increased volume of sea-borne passenger traffic'. But the Terminal never realised its purpose, as air travel rapidly took over the international market. It has since been largely used as a function centre and for businesses serving the marina.


Clyde Quay Wharf, Wellington Waterfront, Wellington 6011, New Zealand