Stop 09: McCarver's House Marker

Stop 09: McCarver's House Marker

General McCarver (Photo: Hunt's History of Tacoma)

Tacoma's "Cheerleader"

This marker shows the location of General Morton McCarver's House. General McCarver arrived here in 1868. He talked Job Carr into selling most of his land, so that he could encourage people and businesses to move to Tacoma. McCarver's original house at this location burned down in 1926. The brick house that now occupies this lot was built by Frank Berry in the late 1950s.

McCarver's efforts (and Job Carr's hospitable nature) helped establish Tacoma as a bustling town, but they were both sadly disappointed when the railroad's terminus was established 2.5 miles south of "Tacoma City" - the area that became today's downtown neighborhood. Though McCarver is considered to be one of the founders of Tacoma, he never realized the kind of riches he had hoped to earn from the sale of land to the railroad.

What do you think?

Can you imagine moving to an entirely new town? Why might early settlers have chosen to come here?

Matthew McCarver and Job Carr both hoped the railroad would come to Tacoma City. When it didn't they were disappointed. Have you ever wished for something that didn't come true?


North 28th and McCarver Streets
WA 98403

McCarver's Wharf

(The Original Old Town Dock)

General McCarver built a dock on the Tacoma waterfront to encourage large steamers and sailing ships to stop here. It was an easy walk from his house down to the dock.

For generations, fishermen gathered at the dock to mend their nets and pleasure boats took tourists out for leisurely rides on Commencement Bay. Today the Old Town Dock has been renovated, and it's a pleasant place to take in the view of Commencement Bay.

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Cross McCarver Street and continue on North 28th Street to the corner of North 28th and Carr.