Stop 02: Connelly Building

Stop 02: Connelly Building

Historic "Carr's Hall"

A building with many stories to tell

The building at 2301 No. 30th St, now known as the Connelly Law Offices, has historically been known as "Carr's Hall." It was built in 1888 by Anthony Carr, Job Carr's oldest son. It first served as the home for the Knights of Pythias Temple for Banner Lodge No. 22. Both Anthony and his brother, Howard, were charter members of the lodge, which was dedicated to promoting peace through understanding. Around 1900, it may have been a temporary home to the Austrian Benevolent Society before they moved to a building in Downtown Tacoma.

It also served as the Bethel Mission Presbyterian Sunday School, which was operated by Rev. R. S. Stubbs. Later, it became the Star Grocery Store (owned by Dominic Constanti), then Anton Bush's Grocery Store. In 1943, after sitting empty for a number of years, it was redesigned as an apartment building with eight units. It served this purpose, intermittently, into the 1970's, when it was finally vacated.

In 1983, it was completely redesigned (adding the large mullioned windows) to house Grazie's Restaurante Italiano. The building was purchased by Jack Connelly in 2006.

What do you think?

Try to imagine yourself standing in this spot in 1890. Do you think this would have been an impressive building? Why or why not?


2301 North 30th Street
WA 98403

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Directions to Next Stop: Original Cabin Marker

See where Job Carr's original cabin stood!

Cross Carr Street and turn left at the building with the mural on it, heading downhill, toward Ruston Way. Please use crosswalks safely.

The monument is on the right, before you get to the railroad tracks.