Stop 04: Mural

Stop 04: Mural

Scenes from Early Tacoma

This painting (by local artist, Bob Henry) gives us a glimpse of what life was like in Tacoma in the 1890s (over 100 years ago). You can see the important industries of lumber mills, shipping, ship building, fishing, and the railroad. There are also stores and shops in the growing city.

You may have noticed that this mural is peeling and fading from exposure to the weather. Artwork like this mural is created with the full understanding that it will fade over time. You are a witness of its existence and of the story it tells. Years from now, it may be completely gone.

What do you think?

What kinds of jobs did your parents and grandparents do? What three jobs do you think are the most important in Tacoma, today?

What do you see?

What kinds of transportation can you see in the mural? How are people traveling from place to place?


North 30th and Carr Streets
WA 98403

Next Stop: The Spar

Turn left onto North 30th and continue down the block. Cross McCarver Street at the light, and you'll see a brick building on the corner, The Spar.