Old Town Walking Tour

Old Town Walking Tour

Old Town Tacoma Walking Tour

Welcome to the Old Town Tacoma Walking Tour presented by the Job Carr Cabin Museum!

See photos and read stories for each point along the walk to learn more about Tacoma's early history.

Tour Start: Old Town Park

Begin your walking tour at Job Carr Cabin Museum in Old Town Park.


2350 North 30th Street
WA 98403


Unless otherwise noted, images are provided by Job Carr Cabin Museum. We would specifically like to thank the Carr Family, Ron Karabaich, and Tacoma Public Libraries for their assistance with historic images.

Thanks also to Sherry Ryan for producing this online walking tour.

Tips for Your Journey

Stay Safe

As you explore landmarks from Tacoma's early days, make sure to stay safe. Cross at signals and marked crosswalks whenever they are available. Always look both ways before crossing streets and make sure drivers see you before beginning to cross.

Be Prepared

This urban walking tour is 0.9 miles along paved sidewalks with moderate hills. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Walk at a comfortable pace. Stay hydrated; there are several coffee shops and restaurants along North 30th Street.

Respect Others

Keep in mind that the buildings you'll see along the walking tour are private homes and businesses. Please respect others' privacy and property as you walk through the neighborhood.


If you are using a wheelchair or pushing a stroller, you may want to consider completing the walking route in reverse as the uphill portions will be less steep. Additionally, please note that there is a fairly steep incline down to Stop 03 (Original Cabin Marker) at the bottom of Carr Street.

Safety First!