Lift, Portal II and TAT

Lift, Portal II and TAT


The pieces "Lift", "Portal II" and "TAT", although three individual pieces by Brandon J. Zebold, work together to create an experience of whismy on the Municipal Campus Lawn. The delicately cut patterns in the steel structure create a lightness in what would otherwise be monolithic shapes.

The artist states: "In an effort to capture the organic free associative tapestry of drawings, I began cutting them into or out of the rugged yet yielding steel. The process of rendering the steel drawings became a natural springboard into sculpture, with all its powerful sensibilities of dimensional touch, scale, light and shadow. The drawings become sculpture and the sculptural forms inspire drawings. It is this balance between the boundless complexities of the dynamic abstracted line and the exploration of form and its substantial presence that is driving my work today."

Artist: Brandon Zebold

Date: 1996

Medium: Flame-cut steel painted black