In 2009 the Redmond Clay Studio began offering ceramic classes at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center with Clay Studio Director Damian Grava at the helm. Since then, Grava has offered progressive ceramic art programming that provides an open platform for students to learn and develop their own voice as artists. This exhibition, Convergence, demonstrates the influence and convergence of artistic ideas between teachers and students and the overall communal nature of artistic exchange at the Redmond Clay Studio.

As an artist, Damian Grava demonstrates his passion for clay in the form of the utilitarian pot. The process of kiln firing is a principal tool in decorating Grava's work; essentially he paints his pots with fire. Grava's work is exhibited along with the work of three students: Eun Kwak, Kelly Neu and Vicky Hattori. All three students have found their own voice in ceramics at the Redmond Clay Studio – they each had creative outlets prior to clay but now find themselves even more committed to this material.


Artists: Damian Grava, Eun Kwak, Kelly Neu, Vicky Hattori

Date of Exhibition: Feb 2016 - July 2016

Medium: Clay