Silver Thaw

Silver Thaw


Ed Carpenter's dichroic glass and aluminum sculpture, forms an organic gesture at City Hall's front door. Ascending across the reflecting pool toward the entrance and into the lobby and living spaces of the building, the artwork serves as both an announcement and celebration of City government's presence, and gracefully compliments the structure and its surrounds.

"Silver Thaw" forms a sweeping arc through the reflecting pool of the new Redmond, Washington City Hall, gesturing toward and into the main entrance, and providing dynamic counterpoint to the architecture. Its beveled and dichroic glass elements play in the light creating fractured views and colorful reflections, reminding us of frosty native grasses found along the banks of the adjacent Sammamish River. The glass fins on "Silver Thaw's" slender aluminum stalks are an integral part of the sculpture's engineering. They provide sectional reinforcing that allows the strength required for the structural spans involved.

Artist: Ed Carpenter

Date: 2006


Medium: Aluminum, Dichroic Glass