Municipal Campus

Municipal Campus


From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer article:

"Who needs a $36 million city hall? Not a mousy suburb of 48,000 people, surely, not even one that has garnered a scrap of worldwide notice for serving as Microsoft's home address. Redmond's dramatic, imposing new City Hall looks as out of context as a Bentley in a bungalow's driveway.

The town would be guilty of grandiosity if this building were meant only to serve as a warren for municipal bureaucrats, but Redmond -- and MulvannyG2 Architecture of Bellevue -- had a grander concept in mind. "We see it as a living room for the public," says design principal Ming Zhang. Project architect Peng Liew adds, "We were trying to embody the aspirations of Redmond."

That might be just so much gassy rhetoric if it weren't for the special circumstances that literally surround the building: a 17-acre municipal campus that is becoming an all-things-to-all-people city park, offering everything from a library to a planned outdoor ice rink. City Hall is the campus' keystone, and its architectural ambition sets a high standard..."


15670 NE 85th St
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