Seagull on a Post

Seagull on a Post


"Seagull in flight, high atop an upended driftwood log, purchased originally by Boeing executive, Wellwood Beal. Mrs. Beall thought it was out of scale in the swimming pool area of their home where her husband had had it installed. She insisited it "has to go!" So Wellwood sold it to his firned Don McAusland who thought it would be an ideal addition to the landscaping of his downtown Bellevue building. When Mr. mcAusland died, his family donated the work to the city of Redmond for installation in Dudley Carter Park." -- Lyn Fleury Lambert, Dudley Carter's secretary and chronicler.

Artist: Dudley Carter

Date: 2010

Dimensions: 15' x 32" x 32"

Medium: Red Cedar


Dudley Carter Park
7447 159th Pl NE
WA 98052