Hai Ying Wu's bronze geese emerge from steel cubes on the lawn of Carco Theatre

About the Artwork

Artist / Date / Medium

Hai Ying Wu / 2003 / Bronze and steel

About the Piece

This sculpture of cranes flying through geometric shapes was commissioned for the Renton Centennial Celebration and dedicated in April 2003. The work has two major components: two bronze birds and stainless steel abstract forms. The abstract forms strongly contrast with the realistic crane, enhancing the strength of the work. The beauty and gracefulness of the crane symbolize luck, happiness and peace. Their migratory nature represents endurance, determination and hardship. These characteristics taken together represent the past one hundred years of history of the City of Renton: generation after generation meeting and overcoming historical challenges to fly successfully forward into the new millennium.

About the Artist

Hai Ying Wu is a prolific and popular Northwest artist who lives in Everett. He received a Diploma in Fine Arts in 1981 from the Sichuan Secondary School of Fine Art, a BA from Fine Arts Sculpture from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, and a M.F.A in Sculpture and Public Art from UW in 1996.