"Summer Breeze"

Jim Demetro's sculpture brings a warm breath of summer to Renton's Piazza Park.

About the Piece

Artist / Date / Medium

Jim Demetro / bronze cast

About the Piece

Amidst the concrete and asphalt of a city's transportation center, a little girl dips her toe into a river, fighting to keep her hat on in the warm summer breeze. Though the girl is metal and the river is stone, Demetro's sculpture gives life and lightness to the Renton City Piazza. The movement sculpted into the ripples of her dress creates the illusion that she is constantly struggling against a pesky wind.

This scene brings the natural beauty of the Cedar River to the man-made world of downtown Renton. What are some other ways of creating man-made beauty in urban environments?

About the Artist

Working from his studio in Battle Ground, Washington, Jim Demetro is inspired by his fascination with the human form. His work depicts the warmth and sensitivity of the child/adult interaction in the unending cycle of life. Each sculpture reflects love, harmony and an unconditional respect for all life. He uses bronze for his work because of its exceptional qualities of high detail, flexibility and longevity. Jim is a self-taught sculptor with an engineering background.