A three-dimensional yet transparent sculpture of horses in motion, located in Burnett Linear Park

About the Artwork

Artist / Date / Medium

Alicia Fairburn, designer, with the assistance of Advanced Humanities Programs, Hazen High School, Lindbergh High School, Renton High School, Dimmitt Middle School O.V. Program, Renton Vocational Technical Institute / 1988 / painted steel tubing

About the Piece

Renton is dotted with a number of public parks ranging from very large to very small in size. Burnett Linear Park is unique in that it is a very long, narrow space stretched out over a few blocks. 'Equi' can be found at the southernmost tip of the park. This work is an interesting sculpture because it is three-dimensional yet completely transparent. Rather than creating a solid mass, the creators of this work constructed the outlines of a row of horses and left their bodies empty. The result is a sculpture that looks like horses when viewed from the side, but can look like an abstract, tangled mass of orange steel from other angles.

The wide expanse of bare concrete around 'Equi' allows the sun to create shadows on the ground at varying places throughout the day by shining through the work. What are other ways sunlight can affect human creations?