Cow and Coyote

Cow and Coyote

Often decorated for holidays and events, the Cow and Coyote is a bronze sculpture by artist Brad Rule. Located in downtown Kirkland, Washington.

Artwork Details

About the Artwork

This piece was created in 1995 and you might have seen it several years ago in Pioneer Square. At that time it was voted the 3rd most popular sculpture in Seattle. In 1995 Bill Ballantine purchased the piece and placed it in on its present site. The sculpture went up for sale in 2002, but a group of citizens formed and purchased it, along with The Water Bearers, a Glenna Goodacre piece in Brink Park.

The Cow and Coyote is the most famous sculpture in Kirkland, entertaining locals and visitors alike. It is listed on numerous websites that provide arts and tourism information locally and nationally. Its quirky subjects - the cow and coyote, are traditionally decorated for holidays and events (it's likely you'll see a Santa hat on the cow during the Christmas holidays or a Seahawks shirt during football season). The sculpture is such an icon in the city that at one point, when it was moved temporarily for maintenance work, the city received so many calls from concerned citizens inquiring about the sculpture, that a hotline number was set up to inform them that the move was only temporary.

About the Artist

Artist Bio

Brad Rude was born in Montana in 1964 and has lived in Walla Walla for most of his life. He has long been associated with the internationally known Walla Walla Foundry, and is a specialist in patina technology. He has been awarded many commissions from Washington State as part of its Art in Public Places program. His pieces are unique for interweaving familiar images with unlikely or impossible circumstances.


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