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Giga Now


Verena Schwippert




227 Bellevue Way Northeast
WA 98004

Artist Statement

The artist, Verena Schwippert, writes about the artwork:

"The vessels symbolize and are indeed containers of great power, for instance the adherence of the stone particles to each other, the boulders' bumpy travel over ther skin of the earth, the unimaginable long time they have existed and the molten stone soup they came from, to name just a few. They can be regarded as vessels of mountain power.

This is for me, as for most of us it seems, a tangible presence in the giant stones - a quiet, peaceful, yet very great and powerful presence. I stive to capitalize on this by leaving the shapes as natural as possible and through my work imbuing them with a 'pulse'. This pulse could be described as a visual quality, a softness, an illusion of movement, an aliveness that's just about to move into another shape."

About the Work

This work, carved in 2004, was originally selected as part of the 2004 Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. Following the exhibition, the Bellevue Arts Commission recommended purchasing the artwork for the permanent collection.