Garden of Alternatives

Garden of Alternatives


Brian Goldbloom




McCormick Park
10660-10798 Northeast 12th Street
WA 98004

Artist Statement

I am not a scholar of history and tend to be bored by accounts of names and dates. I am, however, fascinated by the subtle indeterminate history that is casually evident in our surroundings the way a stair tread becomes worn over time into a curve or the shine of a handrail that could only have been polished by thousands of hands passing over it. I am more interested in the concept of the passage of time than I am of the past itself. The visual language of the piece includes a goodly amount of implied function. Part of its fun lies in the fact that the viewer gets to invent usages past and present based on suggestion and amplified and developed by their own imaginings.

The sculpture is not intended to be a reproduction of a ruin. While there is reference given to the past, particularly in the inner room, there is also reference given to the present in the planar surfaces of the outward facing portions of the work. The future, an abstraction for what has not yet occurred, is the element that must be added within the mind of the viewer, a group in which I include myself.

-Brian Goldbloom, February, 1991