Visions of the Deep

Visions of the Deep


Dudley Carter


Red Cedar


Northwest Arts Center
9825 NE 24th St
WA 98004

About the Work

Dudley Carter spent his long life exploring the wilderness and carving artworks. Dudley Carter moved to Washington in 1928, passing away at his home in Redmond at the age of 101 in 1992. Bellevue is lucky to have a number of his artworks throughout the city both publically and privately owned. The three Dudley Carter works in the City collection were donate by June Boys following the death of Marvin Boys, a prominent developer and avid Carter collector. Hatching Bird, originally carved in 1989, was on display at Crossroads Mall for many years before it was returned to the Carter estate and later sold to Marvin Boys.

A hatching bird is a theme that can be found in a number of Dudley Carter's works. It also appears in his Segment of Creation, carved in 1965.