3-D Drawings

3-D Drawings


Bill Vielehr




Meydenbauer Beach Park
9747 Lake Washington Boulevard Northeast
WA 98004

Artist Statement

Bill wrote about his work: "My sculptures are drawings in wax cast into aluminum or bronze. The negative line is created by pressing the sharp end of a steel tool into the wax. The resultant graphic quality is inherent to the process. Textured areas are built up with slowly hardening wax using a palette knife on a wax sheet, similar to texturing an oil painting. Each section of the sculptres is cast, fabricated, and welded. This process produces irregular surfaces which reflect the color and light from their surroundings, creating a continuously changing visual pattern which is attractive and exciting."

About the Work

3-D Drawings was originally selected as part of the 2004 Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. It was purchased by the City following the exhibition. It was created in 2003.

In 2014, artist Bill Vielehr passed away. Shortly before his passing, his work Unconcealed Column was shown in the Bellwether: Connect Sculpture Exhibition (formerly Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition) in the Downtown Park.