The Root

The Root


Dan Corson




Bellevue City Hall
450 110th Ave NE
WA 98004

About the Work

The Root, suggests Bellevue's foundation, the place where we come from. It links us to the land that was once a forest of massive trees, which gave way to logging, then to farming, and then to a vital urban center. The network of the root structure is a metaphor for the hidden infrastructure systems that are provided by the city: water, electricity, transportation etc. The revealed roots underscore the importance of transparency in government and the interdependence of structures for the function of the city.

The sculpture itself is cast from an ancient cedar tree harvested in the 1800s. Coated in high-tech silver paint, it is the color of the future: bright, shimmering, and reflecting light.

About Bellevue City Hall Artworks

Four major works were created by Pacific Northwest artists and integrated into the design and redevelopment of an old telecommunications building that is now Bellevue City Hall. The artworks celebrate the history, culture, and people of Bellevue, creating a pathway from the city's past to its future.

The artists – Dan Corson, Linda Beaumont and Alan Story were captivated by Bellevue's history and natural beauty. Taken together, their art – The Root, Longboat.Reed.Rookery, Current and Compass – weaves a narrative about Bellevue. They have collaborated to build a story, using a rich variety of materials, creating one interwoven and continuous art experience, linked by a silver thread.