Linda Beaumont


Terrazzo, stainless steel, semi-precious stones and beads, shells, glass shards and rods and mother of pearl abalone chips native to our region.


Bellevue City Hall
450 110th Avenue Northeast
WA 98004

About the Work

Linda Beaumont's artwork takes us into the river. Current flows along the length of the entire concourse of City Hall. Echoing the steady and smooth movement of a river current, it is a visual metaphor for the flowing of ideas and activities within. It recalls the underground river close to City Hall and also references the river of underlying materials and people essential to the building. Inspiration for its flowing lines was taken from traditional Japanese wood block prints.

About the Bellevue City Hall Artworks

Four major works were created by Pacific Northwest artists and integrated into the design and redevelopment of an old telecommunications building that is now Bellevue City Hall. The artworks celebrate the history, culture, and people of Bellevue, creating a pathway from the city's past to its future.

The artists – Dan Corson, Linda Beaumont and Alan Story were captivated by Bellevue's history and natural beauty. Taken together, their art – The Root, Longboat.Reed.Rookery, Current and Compass – weaves a narrative about Bellevue. They have collaborated to build a story, using a rich variety of materials, creating one interwoven and continuous art experience, linked by a silver thread.