Menace de Modernisme

Menace de Modernisme


Dudley Carter


Western Red Cedar


North Bellevue Community Center
4025 148th Avenue Northeast
WA 98007

About the Work

Dudley Carter spent his long life exploring the wilderness and carving artworks. Dudley Carter moved to Washington in 1928, passing away at his home in Redmond at the age of 101 in 1992. Bellevue is lucky to have a number of his artworks throughout the city both publically and privately owned. The three Dudley Carter works in the City collection were donate by June Boys following the death of Marvin Boys, a prominent developer and avid Carter collector.

Originally carved in 1984 and displayed at Bellevue Square, Dudley Carter described the creation of his work as:

"This sculpture I am now working on here and at my studio is from a small clay model I made 54 years ago - 1930. The model was reproduced in soap to enter in a small sculpture contest sponsored by the Seattle Times, the Seattle Art Institute and the Procter & Gamble Co. The unanimous decision of the judges awarded it first prize. This was an encouragement to continue a sculpture career. At the time (1930) there was a conflict in the art world, the modern threatening the classic in art. The model was intended to represent that conflict and was given a foreign title, "Menace de Modernisme", the modern threatening the classic.

It is reproduced by a scale of less than one inch to the foot to the dimension of this timber and it was necessary to reverst the design to suit the shape of the wood. This agian made serveral changes from the original necessary.

Of course, it could now have a different title and may represent the conflict between the forces of good and evil."

Dudley Carter didn't end up changing the name. At the time he was carving this work, he was looking for a new place to live and work after he was evicted from his home and studio of 47 years to make way for a business park in Redmond. The site of his former home and studio later became part of Microsoft's headquarters.