Homage ___ Artist, Bruce Myers

Three sites, three installations of stone & bronze in Bridle Trails neighborhood, celebrating nature, neighborhood unity, & the equestrian life.

Artwork Titles and Locations

Installed in 2014, the art consists of three installations, at the north and south ends of the Bridle Trails Neighborhood and in the neighborhood's geographic center. The whole artwork is entitled, "Homage", and each installation has its own name.
Homage: Double Horse, NE24th and 120th Ave. NE
Homage: Forest/Form/Infinite, 132nd Ave. NE and NE 40th
Homage: Braid, 140th Ave. NE near NE 60th, just north of the golf course.

Bruce Myers' Artist Statement


Homage, the artwork as a whole, is integrated into each site utilizing local granite boulders to activate the relationship of the artwork to time and the landscape. The artwork is an historical and formal public announcement of the forces which are foundational to the neighborhood of Bridle Trails, its sense of community and place. Double Horse and Braid focus on the equestrian tradition and the passion people have for their horses. Braid acknowledges the unity of community which underlies the presence of the expansive natural setting, extensive network of trails throughout and a common thread of identity. Forest / Seed / Infinite offers a sculptural expression inspired by the restorative and expansive qualities of the natural setting, conceptually drawing from pattern and form in nature universal to the entire natural world.

Double Horse

Double Horse is sited at the south entrance into Bridle Trails. An image of two horses carved into the feature granite boulder captures the history of the horse as a formative influence on the identity of Bridle Trails, while making reference to the roots of human relationship with the horse and some of the earliest artistic expressions. The timeless expression conveys a sense of connection, neighborhood identity and quintessential image of horse with the simplicity of two colored lines sculpted in stone.


Forest/Form/Infinite draws its inspiration from the generative form of the Fir cone and seed, proportional harmonies common to all of nature, and qualities of the infinite inherent to the physical and natural world. Myers has created an art installation which portrays the spiraling cone structure and path of its seeds to its host... earth. His interest is that people will learn to recognize the generative patterns in nature and how they relate to our own sense of well-being, place, and a greater understanding of our surroundings. Forest /Form /Infinite is designed to activate the space it occupies, creating a visual and conceptual reminder of the generative processes and form which shape the entire universe in which we live.


Braid draws its inspiration from the equestrian history of Bridle Trails and the resulting network of trails established throughout the neighborhood. The artwork focuses on the close relationship of a rider with horse, and equipment used in riding. The braid form emphasizes this bond and expression of identity, while conceptually conveying sense of community and unity, combining of multiple elements to create a stronger physical form. The artwork is sited to acknowledge entrance into the neighborhood, and to enhance a sense of place and the presence of the equestrian tradition historically significant to the neighborhood.