Presenting a Most Astonishing Feat

Presenting a Most Astonishing Feat


Judy Onofrio


Mixed media



Meydenbauer Center
11100 Northeast 6th Street
WA 98004

Artist Statement

The first part of construction is building the architecture to create a stage, as a set-up to house a narrative. Arches, pedestals, porches, and columns are the framework for shrines reminiscently religious, yet ultimately a personal and invented space.

The central figures are created primarily of wood and later are surfaced with detailed embellishments. Men, women, birds, fish and animals assume characters that become engaged in various relationships of seduction, balance, duality, and temptation.

The narrative evolves with the addition of found objects that add to the content and meaning of the work. The story unfolds as these elements add another layer of description.

Through my art, I construct a world of memory, humor and stories. Best of all, I live in that world and invite others in.

-Judy Onofrio

About the Work

Presenting a Most Astonishing Feat was first selected for the 2000 Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. It was purchased by the Public Art Program following the exhibition. Today it hangs above the entrance to the Meydenbauer Theater.