Self-Portrait: 1/5558 by Lisa Chen

Self-Portrait: 1/5558 by Lisa Chen


I was born in Taiwan, but I have spent almost half of my life in North America. I noticed that many of my experiences might have physically occurred here, yet they were still influenced by my past experiences I had when I was in Taiwan. It's as our memories have the ability to travel through time and help us build new ones!


Clear vinyl, fishing line, wood
72" x 48" x 1"

The Artist

Lisa Chen is an artist from Taiwan. She graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a degree in Sculpture and Integrated Studio Arts. She now resides and works in Surrey, BC, Canada. As a visual artist, Lisa enjoys working in diverse mediums and creating interactive art. She often investigates the concept of time and space. She finds it fascinating how we are all related to them as a whole, or in smaller intervals. Exploration and experimentation are the most interesting moments in the process of art making for Lisa.