Amass #11 by Margery Amdur

Amass #11 by Margery Amdur


I am an alchemist at heart, turning mere sponges into complex living organisms. Working purposefully low tech in a high-tech world by repurposing common everyday materials creates unexpected tensions. Behind the veil of the common place and the everyday is an obsessive imaginative need to create.

The Artist

Originally from Pittsburgh, Margery Amdur received her B.F.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University and her M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Margery has had over 60 solo and two-person exhibitions. Her international exhibitions include Turkey, Hungary, Poland, England, and Iceland. She has been reviewed in national and international publications including Sculpture Magazine, New American Paintings, Fiber Arts, New Art Examiner, Art Papers, and in two of the Manifest International Publications. For over twenty years, Margery has been actively creating permanent as well as temporary installations at the Philadelphia International Airport and at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, where for six weeks she was in residence as a guest artist. In 2016, she will be exhibiting her work at the University of Hawaii, and work from the Amass series will travel as part of the upcoming Fiber International Exhibition.


Cosmetic sponges covered with ink, gouache, pastel pigment
68" x 54" x 5"