Shaman close up by Barry Scharf

Shaman close up by Barry Scharf


This piece is my final large scale stone work as age is making me reconsider my materials and work habits. The marble is imported Pink Sardinia Stone and is a wonderful light pink color and white with black and gray veining.


84" x 24" x 28"

The Artist

My professional career began in 1973 when I earned my MFA. In my early works I felt my paintings where an illusion and only seemed to partially fulfill my desire for a more complete expression. As an artist who is centered in seeing the spiritual within nature, I am moved to express visions by both abstract imagery and narrative reality. In this way my work allows the viewer to experience feelings as imagery, sound as color, prayer as a composition. In 1994, I moved to Washington State where I discovered the beaches and wide-open spaces of the Northwest. Currently, my studio is in Redmond, Washington. I work in the studio on paintings, sculptures and digital photographs that are now designed to open the mind and support subconscious healing. Now my works explore the interplay of transitional reality and abstract concepts in oil on canvas and digital photography.