Self Portrait As Mercury by Tom Gormally

Self Portrait As Mercury by Tom Gormally


I was an athlete when I was young and as such I always identified with Mercury and collected Mercury Head dimes. The cast feet (my own) conflates the body memory of the fleet footedness of youth with the reality of the aging process.


Wood, glass, beeswax, gold & silver leaf, plexi rod, lights
42" x 47" x 72"

The Artist

Tom Gormally is an award winning American sculptor working primarily with wood and mixed media. He recieved his MFA from Wichita State University and his BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He has exhibited nationally and internationally for four decades, in galleries, museums and outdoor sculpture exhibitions, with numerous publications and reviews. Gormally was awarded the NEA/MAAAFellowship in Sculpture, and an International Residencies for Artists travel grant. He lives with his wife, artist Malayka Gormally, in Seattle, along with the youngest of his three sons.