Kaleidowall by John Fleming

Kaleidowall by John Fleming


"Paint anything you like". I collaborated with 12 teens who chose to paint geometric patterns, checkerboards, and zigzags. Others created representational images: faces, flowers, a fox, something dripping. Then we combined all the images together. We wanted to create something that would vibrate in front of our eyes.


Painted aluminum

576" x 72" x 2"

The Artist

John Fleming has spent 30 years developing a broad portfolio of art, architecture, and conceptual / environmental projects. After recieving his BFA from Northern Arizona University, he had a brief career as a studio artist, ski instructor and rock climber in Taos, New Mexico. Studying architecture with Anant Raje at the University of New Mexico lead Fleming to India to teach design and ceramics at the School of Architecture in Ahmedabad. India, New Mexico. For the last 20 years, he has lived in the Pacific Northwest as a public artist with commissions in Seattle, Redmond and elsewhere throughout the American west.