Never Formerly Known as Anything

Never Formerly Known as Anything


Never Formerly Known As Anything are five people who have been practicing being in our bodies in space in particular ways for many decades. For several years, we've been practicing this together. We move and talk and ask questions and empty out and fill up. There is a requirement that we show up, with a stipulation that we don't have to. We invite others to join us, dance the map of our unknown journey together, and then spend time trying to decode the directions to get where we think we are supposed to go, but of course the map keeps being richly inscrutable and compelling.


A Chair Is An Invitation

"A Chair is an Invitation" is an invitation to:

a. Sit (in the chair of your choice)
b. Shift (move someplace new)
c. Watch (perhaps as a 1. witness
2. researcher
3. voyeur
4. spectator
5. critic
6. artist
7. peer
8. _________________)
d. Participate (Choose your place in the constellation. Even as you watch, you are seen.)

We have no expectations of you, but we do hope you enjoy yourself.


10201 NE 4th St
WA 98004