Networth by Ruth Beer

Networth by Ruth Beer


I use copper that is reflective, seductively attractive yet toxic. Copper is also culturally significant to Aboriginal peoples in our area. Embedded in its use is the knowledge that copper provides conductivity in electronics and diverse communication devices however mining the mineral negatively impacts rivers and wildlife in the northwest- posing questions concerned with "value".


40" x 120" x 12"

The Artist

Ruth Beer is a Vancouver-based artist interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to cultural practice. She recieved her PhD from the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and her artwork includes sculpture, video, and interactive projections has been shown in national and international exhibitions. She is a member of the RCA and she has been awarded several public art commissions. She is the lead researcher on SSHRC research and creation projects Catch & Release: Mapping cultural and geographic transitions (2009 – 2013), concerned with Pacific coast communities and the demise of the salmon canning industry, and Trading Routes: Grease trails, oil futures (2013 – 2017) addressing issues related to the contested geography and complex changing landscape at the intersection of cultural heritage and the economy of northern British Columbia. Trading Routes looks to provide a forum for dialogue and exchange among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists to create awareness, reconcile differences and inform artistic practices and the production of artworks and exhibitionsilluminating present situations and envisioning change to local culture(s) and geo/marine ecologies related to natural resources (fish and oil) and associated industries in remote regions.