107063 by Jae Hyo Lee

107063 by Jae Hyo Lee


I drive countless nails into wood, bend them, grind them and then burn the wood, making nails protrude and at the same time blackening its growth ring and natural colour. Glittering metallic nails on the black charcoal become ever more conspicuous. Through this process, I draw a picture on wood using nails.



51.2" x 23.6"x 47.2"

The Artist

Jae Hyo Lee graduated from Hong-Ik University in 1992. He has won the Hankook Ilbo Young Artists Award in 1997, the Osaka Triennial Award in 1998, the Kim Sae-Jung Award in 2000, the Sculpture in Woodland Award in 2002 and the Japan Hyogo International Competition Award in 2004.