Ladan Yalzadeh

Ladan Yalzadeh

Zones of Sensitivity


Zones of Sensitivity is a collaborative project. From five author's responses to the notion of "The Imperceptible Self," a new text of five voices was woven together to create a whole. During this live event, hear each of the five actors' recitation of voices as a limb from the same body. Experience the whole for its parts and the parts for its whole. The audience is invited to consider the relationship between thoughts and senses and bodies in space, in the confluence of voices that flows in the space between a reading and a performance. Duration: 45 minutes


Zones of Sensitivity came into existence as a result of my questioning of the idea of the Self. In my work, I am always looking for what connects things to each other. So the questioning of a Self that most of us believe in, seems to be one way to investigate the idea of connection. I think about this a lot these days. Once we really start to look at who/what are we, we start to see that this Self we are so convinced of, is perhaps not as solid as we first thought. That who we are and how we feel from minute to minute, is totally dependent on other causes and conditions. With this discovery, comes a genuine understanding of interconnectedness. And from this understanding, we start to see ourselves as part of a whole. So here we are as individuals but also a collective (and not just of humans.)

I have the same approach to how I make art. I try to set up situations where connections can happen. I work in theater and film as a director because so many people with individual talents and expertise come to together to create one thing. In fact, if we didn't have a playbill or film credits, we wouldn't know where exactly one person's work ends and another's begins. Same thing is true with curating and arranging.

This is how ZOS came about. I sent out a call for anyone who wanted to address the idea of The Imperceptible Self. People sent in their responses and from about thirty submissions, I started to hear five voices connecting with each other immediately. It was as if they were talking to each other at the same time that they were talking to me. That was unexpected but it also made sense. Then with the permission from the writers, I combined their texts without any other alterations to create the assemblage that is Zones of Sensitivity. And the reason why its read aloud is that this is how I experienced it and I want to share this experience as it happened with others.

A special thanks to Robin Lynn Smith and Freehold Studios in recommending some of the magnificent cast for this reading.


Ladan Yalzadeh – Curator

Ladan Yalzadeh is an award winning filmmaker, writer, performer and curator who has written, produced and directed several narrative films including, THE EXTRAORDINARE, AWAKENED and THE FLORIST. Yalzadeh's written pieces have been published in a variety of publications and her installation and performance works have been presented at On the Boards, Freehold Studios, SOIL Gallery, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Full Nelson, Puerfo Puerto, Transart Triennale and Yale Gallery among others. Yalzadeh holds an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute, Plymouth University.

Janée J. Baugher - Director

Janée J. Baugher is the author of two poetry collections, The Body's Physics and Coördinates of Yes. Her collaborations include work with visual artists, composers, and choreographers, and she's had work adapted for the stage at University of Cincinnati, Contemporary Dance Theatre (Ohio), Interlochen Center for the Arts (Michigan), and Dance Now! Ensemble (Florida). Her performance venues include Bumbershoot and the Library of Congress.

Eva Abrams - Performer

Eva Abram received her acting training, including Meisner, through Freehold Studio. She attends an on-going acting workshop when possible. Her acting credits, among others, include: Lena Younger in A Raisin in the Sun; Etta Doris in The Young Man from Atlanta; Alcandre in The Illusion; and Mrs. Muller in Doubt. Eva is also a traditional storyteller and public speaker. As a storyteller she has performed in schools, museums, libraries and colleges. Her public speaking duties take her around the state to speak at educational institutions. Eva appreciates the efforts of others who work behind the scenes and on stage to benefit the public through art.

Sherif Amin – Performer

Bio: Sherif Amin is currently in Drumph The King at Theater Shmeater. He has recently worked as a dramaturge for Bad Apples (ACT), was last seen in Raisins in a Glass of Milk (Cornish Presents). Other credits include The Boy in Henry V (Freehold Engaged Theater), his one man show El Kook, Quixote. He was also a directing intern for Bloomsday (ACT).

Meiko Hall – Performer

After completing the Meisner Series at Freehold Theater this summer, Meiko Hall had this to say, 'I was pushed to learn the joy and pain of constantly pursuing the truth through story telling. After the joy and the pain came meracles, transformations that me more of a servant. Story telling gives me balance.'

Harold Mullen – Performer

Stand-Up at the Showbox & Green Room at the Showbox. Animation bits at Teatro Zinzanni, Student Film "Bill Get's Paid". Founding member of 'The Comedy Thing.' Improve comedy group. Acting rolls in The Good Woman of Schezuan, Mcbeth, Midsummer Night's Dream, Equus, Harvey. Trained in Vocals, dance, movement and method.

Kristina Petrosyan – Performer

Kristina Petrosyan is a recent graduate of a Tamalpa Expressive Arts Program in San Francisco, where she has been studying performance and self expression through movement and dance. Story telling has always been her most favorite activity. She is also a local film maker, writer, actress and director.

Zeerak Ahmed - Writer

Zeerak Ahmed (AKA Slowspin) is a conceptual artist, writer and musician whose primary concern is mapping movement through chaos, attempting to find the hidden truth. Ahmed was born in Lahore, Pakistan. In 2009, she formed a four-person collective, the 'TBP', and has been working and exhibiting with them since. Having completing her BFA in Studio Art and Political Sciences, from Hiram College, USA, she moved back to Karachi in 2012. She is currently pursuing a low-residency Masters in Creative Practice at the Transart Institute in Berlin and New York.

Christopher Danowski - Writer

Christopher Danowski is a theatre and performance artist. He has written over fifty plays, directed, and performed in living rooms, galleries, and unusual spaces (sometimes in theaters). He was artistic director of Theater in My Basement from 1999-2013, and now serves as a founding member of Howl Theatre Project. He is based in Phoenix, in the desert in the Southwest of the United States, and his work has been shown locally, in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, Yucatán, Mexico City, Dublin, Laval, Vienna, Berlin, and Kraków. He will be completing his PhD in Art and Media from Plymouth University (U.K.), in conjunction with Transart Institute in Berlin, in 2017.

Margaret Hart – Writer

Margaret Hart is an artist who explores issues of female identity. Her installation works employ a wide variety of materials through which she addresses larger critical issues investigating gender, technology and personal narrative. Her work can be found in many public and private collections in the United States. Hart received her BFA from the University of Iowa and her MFA form the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is currently working on a PhD from the Transart Institute and resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Michele Manzini – Writer

Michele Manzini, for many years his now, has been concentrated on the definition of figures that can suggest instability and conflict as unresolved elements. His work develops through the use of a wide variety of media, among which video, photography, installations, writing, and performances. He has exhibited his works in numerous shows and venues in Italy and abroad, among them the Italian Institute of Culture, Prague, 2009; MAXXI, Rome, 2009; SUPEC, Shanghai during the 2010 Expo; and the Venice Biennale in 2011 and 2013. In 2009 he was awarded the Terna prize for contemporary art.

Konjit Seyoum – Writer

Konjit Seyoum is an Ethiopian artist, curator, cook and conference interpreter. She is the owner of Asni Gallery, which she founded in Addis Ababa in 1996 to promote contemporary Ethiopian art and food as an art form. Konjit is a graduate of the University of Trieste, School of Interpretation and Translation and holds her MFA in Creative Arts from Transart. Konjit's art practice derives from the domestic realm. She spins cotton using a top whorl spindle. She spins literally, conceptually and metaphorically. She threads, entwines, navigates and edges through lines and tales from the past and present. She negotiates between lines, marks, boundaries, lineage and heritage. Three Liqaqeets, The First Fast and Tales in a Gabi are the first three vignettes taken from her body of work entitled Threading Between the Lines.