Bog by Leah Gerrard

Bog by Leah Gerrard


I began with a weathered old cracked beam and created worm like creatures that pass through, wrap around, and rest on the beam. The word bog came to me because there seems to be a decay and death going with the beam and the creatures are feeding off it.


Steel Wire, Stone, Wood
58"' x 96"' x 10"

The Artist

Leah Gerrard was raised in Bellevue Wa, after graduating from Bellevue High School; she attended Linfield College, Cornish College, and SACI Studios in Florence, Italy. She has been working with metal for 20 years. Her technique of sculpting is self-taught and has grown out of the combination of many interests, mainly textiles and metal. San Francisco artist Ruth Asawa is one of her biggest influences. Her sculptures have been influenced by her immediate surroundings: the industrial districts of Seattle and the forests of Washington. In Washington, she moves continually industry to nature—and her work reflects that flow, growth, and tension. She is a 2016 recipient of the Artist Trust Fellowship award for craft.