Paul Kikuchi

Paul Kikuchi


Outside the Bellevue Art Museum
510 Bellevue Way NE
WA 98004


Paul Kikuchi Solo

Percussionist and sound artist Paul Kikuchi utilizes traditional and unconventional sound making devices to create evocative, textural soundscapes.

A single bell at Honen-in temple rings daily at 4AM, as it has for hundreds of years. The first strikes are so quiet they are sensed more than heard - or was it a dream? The resonance continues long after the monk has made his way down the steep steps of the embankment for morning prayer.

Paul Kikuchi is a percussionist, composer, and sound artist whose work explores a wide range of styles – from chamber music to soundscape ecology – while also considering specificity of site and material, differences in awareness and intention, along with aspects of history, experience, and community.